Duality- Just Magazine October 2016.

Eventually somewhere in your twenties, we all grow up. Little boys with the world at their feet will soon turn into men who pay their monthly bills on time and the little girls who once daydreamed in their mothers words will one day become feminists fighting for their beliefs in an uneven playing field. But along the way, age will soon slowly kill our child like spirits and curious regret will always dwell in the back of our minds.


We are told to know who we are by our twenty first birthdays and generally if we do not know by then- if we have not yet worked it all out, or if we still don’t know who we will be for the rest of our lives, we will naturally become afraid of never ‘making it’ and will inevitably settle for careers rather than lifestyles, we will trade in our vintage cameras for office phones and even make ourselves believe that our dreams was only our innocent imagination.


Duality; the idea of two souls living in one body, one a timid and ambitious and the other proper and ready to take on the world like everybody else. Too often people trade in their passions for something more socially acceptable, and hide who they wanted to be under sophisticated corporate clothing, too often we are scared.


 I woke up this morning and shaved with a razor duct taped to a fork, ate leftovers and scurried out of the door to a job that does not yet allow me to settle down with children and own that white picketed fence that every stereotypical family movie seems to have but it does allow to me to work with passion and allows me the time to enjoy my youth. I remember the days when I fell into the cliché and found any job that would make do and give me the appearance that seemingly showed everyone that I just like them and everyday I hated working. Finally after almost years spent and all the money saved for a family that I did not even want yet I traveled the world and gained a whole new world.


I look forward to having grey hair one day and simply sitting on a wooden porch with my grandchildren lying at my feet and sitting on my lap telling them the stories of travel and exploration ingrained in my wrinkles, I cannot wait to make them laugh by recounting my twenties and show them photographs of what I did with my time. Within the society we live in, it’s almost presumed that you are a failure if you’re not married by thirty with a full time job and kid along the way. Stuff that- be what you want to be.